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Best Friend - My Lovely Wife - Krystina Francis

Support System - Family and close friends.

Most Impact on my life - The Late Dr Stan Annandale and Mr Ronald Mize

These are a few of my Favorite Things...

Fav. Pastime - Hanging out and playing games with family and friends

Fav. Pastime in car - Listening to Audiobooks - Mystery/Suspense

Fav. Pastime at home - Watching TV Shows with Krystina

Fav. Vaction Spot - Florida - Disney World (Epcot and Animal Kingdom) and The Islands of Adventure

Fav. Tv shows - Lost, Firefly, Once upon a time, Grimm and V

Fav. Movies - Limitless, In time, Kahani, Rockstar, Gopi Kishan and many more

Fav. Music - Indian - Hindi, sad, pain filled songs for some reason seem to soothe me

Fav. Pastors - Chip Ingram and Dr Tony Evans

Fav. Cause - Water for Life

Fav. Upper body exercise - L-Pullups

Fav. Lower body exercise - Bulgarian Split Squats

Fav. Cardio - Sprints

Fav. Spicy foods - Indian or Thai

Fav Fruit - Mango

Fav. Food - Steak - Medium rare

Fav. Restaurant - Outwest Steakhouse in NC

Fav. Drink - Coffee - Nothing added

Fav. Car - Fisker Karma

Fav. Motorcycle - Can-Am Spyder Roadster

Fav. Sport - Archery

Fav. Board Game - Apples to Apples

Fav. Online Game - Words with Friends

Fav. Card Game - Rook


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